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Premium Glacier Discovery

LeConte Glacier is 38 miles from Wrangell by boat.  Near the south end of the Stikine Icefield, LeConte Glacier is the southernmost active tidewater glacier in the northern hemisphere. The Glacier itself is 35 km long and located in a stunningly beautiful fjord.  The glacier is extremely active and has regular calving events and is famous for its massive submarine icebergs dramatically rising to the surface also known as “shooters”.

Since first charted in 1887, it has retreated almost 2.5 miles. Today, LeConte is considered in a stable position. Due to the deep water (810 feet) of the bay, LeConte calves instead of advancing.

On this excursion, we’ll take you as close as the glacier will safely allow. See spectacular waterfalls and icebergs, enjoy the eagles and seals (LeConte is a seal nursery) and have a wonderful snack including Alaskan smoked salmon while floating amongst the ice bergs! All in the comfort of your premium jet boat with bench seating, tables, galley kitchen and on-board bathroom with marine toilet.

Stikine River Jet Boat Association

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