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If you are coming to Wrangell by cruise ship (see **below** for exceptions):

Contact your cruise line:
Make sure to book your tour as early as possible –this tour sells out quickly. You need to book through your cruise company as soon as these tours become available on their web site. Or if still available, they can also be booked on board with the shore excursion department. Some cruise lines allow pre-booking as early as a year in advance, others is 120-180 days in advance of your visit.

If you are organizing a group of 24 or more people that is coming to Wrangell independently of a cruise ship:

Email - info@jetboatalaskatours.com
phone 907-874-2300

If you are coming as an independent traveler or with any of the fine SMALL SHIPS that visit Wrangell such as Alaskan Dream Cruises or Un Cruise Adventures,, CLICK HERE for our member contact information..

Photos by Ivan Simonek

Stikine River Jet Boat Association

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